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Steri-Scan System

Alpha Micro Tech Inc.

A message from the C.E.O..

Alpha Micro Tech Inc.

Based in Ontario, Canada

We are a technology-based company that provides design and service in the fields of automation control, process control and design of new systems.

With the Steridata™ and Steriscan™ line of data logging units for dental sterilizers.

When an off the shelf product won’t work, we can custom design for your needs. Using the latest micro-controllers to design data logging, recording, and control systems for many fields of use.

Developing specialized embedded software, computer-aided design, electronic designs, and mechanical subsystems. From prototype to manufacturing and 3D printing, our R&D department will assist with your needs using innovative designs to manufacture electronic systems.

As a whole solution provider, Alpha Micro Tech Inc. offers system integration, technical support and consulting, and after-sales service and support.

Please use our contact page to ask any questions. For information call: 519-750-4866

Electronics for the Future