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Time clock setting

Resetting the time is done by placing a time file on the SD card, you set this file for 1 or 2 minutes into the future
allowing you time to get the SD card back into the SteriLogger and restart the sterilizer at the set time.
The SteriLogger will then read the time file from the SD card and set it’s internal clock accordingly.
This is to be done only if the SteriLogger’s internal clock needs to be set for your local time zone.
Do not include daylight saving time. The time needs to be set to your local standard time.
If you are currently in daylight saving time (summer time) set the time file back 1 hour.

Be sure to include the extra minute or two to complete this task.

Instructions for Setting the

Internal Clock on the Sterilogger

Take the SD card from the SteriLogger and put into your computer. Use the tool below to generate a timestamp.
Set the time a minute or two ahead of your current time. Click convert.
Remember to subtract 1 hour if you’re in daylight saving time!
Open a copy of notepad.
Now just copy and paste the time stamp number into notepad.
In notepad click ‘File’ then ‘Save As’
Make sure the SD card is highlighted, click once on it, if needed.
Name the file   timeset.cfg
Below the Name box, Set the file type to all files and save it to the DL-05 SD card.
Eject the SD card from the computer properly. Put the SD card back into the SteriLogger.
Then unplug the sterilizer and plug it back in at the time you set with this tool.
Use 24 hour clock only!

–Browser won’t connect to the web portal–

If your having issues with the web portal connecting to your SteriScan™ system.

Follow the steps below, this will white list the web portal to allow connectivity.

This will work with Google Chrome and MS Edge.

Relaunch the browser after these steps when asked. You can now try the portal again.

SteriScan™ System Install

Video showing the install of the SteriScan™ System.

Remote Assistance

For remote assistance you will need to arrange it with us in advance,
Call 519 242-4065 Hours 9-5 Mon-Fri
Remote assistance billed at $65/hr.

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