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Client Testimonials

The following are responses from some of our clients.

"I would highly recommend the services provided by Alpha Micro Tech Inc.
The (SteriScan™ system) Scanning system is so streamlined and easy to use.
Ordering of products is super easy and the customer service is exceptional"

Leah Parkway Dentistry, 02/02/2023

"Alpha Micro Tech has created a product that has become a very important component to running our practice effectively. This tool is, The Steridata™ cycle logger designed for the M9/M11 Sterilizers. With current regulations for Sterilization records, they did a great job creating a product that helps keep our sterilization area running smoothly. They also deliver extremely professional customer service!"


"Our Dental office has the Electronic Data Logger from Alpha Micro Tech for our M11 sterilizer and our statim sterilizer, we are very pleased with the performance from these units. It meets our needs for keeping proper records. I would recommend this Data Logger to any office that is looking to get a recording device for their sterilizer."

Dr. Ryan

“Our dental clinic was reviewing infection prevention and control guidelines and we decided to purchase a data logger for our sterilizer. This data is required as it is documented on a sterilization log sheet for quality assurance purposes. I spoke to the company and provided the “Public Health Ontario Checklist for Reprocessing of Medical Equipment/Devices in Clinical Office Practice." We are very pleased at how quickly the company responded to our need and their willingness to modify the data logger to meet Public Health Ontario guidelines.”


"We have been using a paper printer for a long time and when we found out about your Data logger, we decided to buy one. What a big difference, no more noisy printer always disturbing everyone in the office. The cost savings are also a great benefit as we no longer have to buy replacement paper rolls and ink cartridges. The best decision we made."


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