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Bar code Recording System for Sterilization

and instrument tracking.

Is your office faced with the challenge of having to comply with the recent
focus on logging instrument sterilization packages?
The SteriScan™ system records your sterilization cycles, tracks the instruments
from sterilization to the patients charts. Allowing for complete traceability.

Is your staff overwhelmed and frustrated with all the paperwork? The SteriScan™ system is the solution!

The SteriScan™ System is Simple, Compact & Compliant!

  • A bar coded recording system for sterilization.
  • Tracks instruments from sterilizer to patients.
  • No monthly fees!
  • Maximize efficiency and save time.
  • Simple touch screen data entry.
  • Pouches/ cassettes are now Barcoded and traceable.
  • Complete records for each cycle, including CI’s, and BI’s.
  • Cycle data accessible on your office network computers.
  • Meets infection control requirements with our patented visual verification mode.
  • Compatible with most Sterilizers/Autoclaves.
  • Completely Paperless, no more cross contamination with a pen/paper.
  • Pouches can be barcoded in advance, saving even more time.
  • Simple under cabinet install.
  • Takes up zero floor space or counter space.
  • Eliminates the need for a data-logger or paper printer.

SteriScan™ System

Barcode labels are used to track your instruments. Pouches or cassette kits are now labeled with a bar code and scanned into the sterilizer cycle. Barcodes on processed instruments can now be added to the patient record allowing for complete traceability of each item used on the patient.

The SteriScan™ system is connected directly to your office network.
This gives computers on your office network access to all the data files from the SteriScan™ system.

—>Data backups<---
The SteriScan™ system being connected to your internal office network allows data backups to be run
from your own server. We will assist your I.T. department in getting this setup for your office.
Data backups are important and we strongly recommend you ensure that your I.T. is doing this for you.
If you have concerns or questions about this please call us.

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